Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter time in Winnipeg

Any one who says Winnipeg sucks just can go stick their head in some snow. Even though it may be -40 during the deepest darkest shortest day, we make up for it by racing in a barn when its to cold do anything.  And when the weather does look up we waste no time in taking advantage.

Barn Cross 2013

Knee Deep

Kids Under the City

Bikes Under the City
Bebe Needed A Bath


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Wait what?

Yes. Currently in lou-ville (pronounced exactly like that) recovering/still partying post world championships. Feeling right now? Inspired. All i want to do is ride my bike and prep for cross racing next fall. Its amazing to see/meet many of my idols such as, Georgia Gould, Gabby Day, Vos is Boss, KATIE FN COMPTON (who we unfortunately did not get to meet), Helen Wyman, and many other of the worlds crew.
Cant it just be bike riding weather yet?